T & C’s

Booking In

Through knowledge and experience in a childcare environment we suggest that your child should attend nursery for at least 2 sessions a week. This is to enable your child to familiarise him/herself with the environment and staff.

Opening hours

We are open as follows Monday to Friday 7:30am-6:00pm

We also do half days, which are:

Mornings 7:30am-12:30pm

Afternoons 1:00pm-6:00pm

We also offer term time only sessions and flexible days (please contact the nursery for more information) We are open throughout the year except bank holiday’s and approximately one week during Christmas.


Fees are to be paid in advance either weekly or monthly by cash or cheque.

If you pay at the beginning of the month by standing order you will be eligible for a 2.5% discount off your monthly fees.

A deposit of one week’s fees is required on booking, this will be held and used as payment for the final week of attendance. A fee payment is therefore due in advance at commencement of the first week. We also except all workplace vouchers. We are also aware that some families need flexible childcare, so we do offer flexible hours please ask for details.

0-2 Years

Week          £242.00

Day             £59.00

Session      £39.50

2-3 Years

Week          £222

Day             £54.00

Session       £38.50

3-5 Years

Week          £209

Day             £47.50

Session       £34.50

Accident and Sickness

Any child who has any contagious illness will not be able to attend nursery until fully recovered, this includes any discharge from the eyes, ears or nose also sickness and diarrhoea. Children must be kept off nursery until they have been 48 hours symptom free in the case off sickness or diarrhoea. (There may be occasions when this could be changed to 72hours)

If your child becomes ill whilst at nursery you will be contacted and if we feel the child needs to be at home we will ask you to come and collect them, they will be made comfortable until you arrive.

If your child has an accident while at nursery it will be recorded in the accident book and checked and signed by the manager/deputy you will also be asked to sign it when you collect your child.

If your child has a more serious accident and requires urgent medical advice or treatment we will take them and contact you to meet us there.


If your child requires medication while at nursery you will be asked to fill out a medication form enabling us to administer the medicine.

No medication can be administered without a form being signed.

Sun Protection

We will ask you to provide sunhats and cream during the summer months for your child’s protection.


We do not require children to be potty trained at Sarah’s Ark but when you feel your child is ready to start please feel free to discuss it with a member of staff in your child’s room. If your child is in nappies you will need to supply them along with wipes and they will be kept in your child’s own drawer in the changing room.

We have a no shoe policy in nursery to ensure the floors are kept clean for the children so we ask that each child has a pair of slippers to wear whilst in nursery.

Clothing and Personal Property

We would ask that all children have at least one spare change of clothing in case accidents occur. If your child is potty training you may need to bring more than one set of clothing. Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled.


Please use the designated area for parking/dropping off. Parking at Sarah’s Ark is entirely at your own risk and we cannot accept any responsibility for injury loss or damage to either property or vehicles whilst on the car park. You should lock your car and bring any valuables in with you. Your child is your responsibility once you have collected them from us. Please drive carefully in and out of the car park, following the arrows on the golf club car park.


The doors on the nursery are secured with coded locks. You must ring the bell for access to the nursery. Only parents or persons designated by parents may collect children. If someone other than the regular person is to come and collect your child please inform the nursery manager.

Settling In Period

We believe that a settling in period is best for you and your child before he/she starts, as it will let them get to know the staff and new surroundings we suggest that you bring your child for 2 one hour sessions the week before your child is due to start.

Leaving Nursery

You must give four weeks written notice if you wish to cancel your child’s place.


We cook and prepare all home cooked food for the children at nursery for the children, fresh produce is used where possible and preservatives and colourings are avoided. If your child has any special dietary requirements i.e. allergies you should discuss this with us, and we will provide a suitable replacement. The menu is run in a three-week cycle a typical menu is,


Shepherds pie and veg

Strawberries and Ice cream


Tuna and sweetcorn pasta bake



Chicken Korma and Naan bread

Fruity yoghurt


Chilli con carne and rice

Apple and pear sponge and custard


Meatballs and veg with spaghetti

Banana mousse and chopped bananas

We provide breakfast for the children of cereal, toast and a drink. Snacks are provided for mid-morning and  mid-afternoon a light tea is also served.

Formula milk and baby food is not provided by the nursery and should be brought in by the parents. If you want your baby to have our menu it can be blended depending upon the age/stage of development of the child.

Other Issues

If you feel there may be any issues we have not covered then please do not hesitate in contacting us.