Ofstead Reports

Ofsted Reports

1st Nov 2017

“Children settle in quickly and make friends easily. They are confident individuals and are
eager to join in activities and contribute towards discussions. Children enjoying making
choices throughout the day and play with imagination and creativity. They are inquisitive
and active learners; eager to play, explore and find things out. Children are well prepared
for their next stages in learning and for school.”

Download full report here Sarahs Ark Ofsted Report 2017

23rd May 2014

“Children enjoy their time in this very homely and friendly nursery. Staff have excellent
relationships with children. They know them well as individuals and are vigilant in
identifying their development needs. Regular and accurate assessment of children’s
development results in early identification of any gaps in learning or emerging needs of
individual children. These are dealt with swiftly by the key person and the management
team. Staff follow children’s needs very well.”

Download full report here Sarahs Ark Ofsted Report 2014