Toddler Care

We care for 12 toddlers aged 2-3 years with a staff ratio of 1;4, the children have access to 2 rooms during the day, within the toddler rooms they still have individual routines and are cared for according to these. The toddlers will also have individual record books for staff to record all about their day. The toddlers are encouraged to go to the bathroom with staff to learn about personal hygiene i.e. washing their hands before and after meals etc.  When you feel your child is ready we will also start the potty training process within this room.

There are 10 areas of provision set out for the toddlers during the day, which are:

  • Sand
  • Water
  • Painting
  • Markmaking
  • Book area
  • Construction
  • Small world
  • Malleable
  • Role-play
  • Workshop

These areas are then enhanced with other resources depending on each child’s individual interests and developmental needs.

The toddler children will also be able to use the outdoor play area during the day.