Pre-School Care

We care for up to 14 children aged 3-5 years with a staff ratio of 1;8. The children in the preschool room have more structure to the nursery day to ensure they are building their independence for going to school.

We currently have two pre-school rooms in which 10 areas of learning take place.

  • Sand: Children play with wet and dry sand, a variety of small world play and a selection of appropriate tools.
  • Water: Water is made fun and exciting by adding glitter, making it different colours, small world play, bubbles
  • Workshop: This is where we have fun with glue, cutting, sticking and creating junk models
  • Role-play: we can let our imagination run wild, we can be anything we want! Children are also provided with day to day familiar objects and dressing up.
  • Malleable: we are able to explore and get messy! Children have the opportunity to explore with natural materials, treasure baskets, magnets, shaving foam, spaghetti, mushy peas, clay, play-doh, gloop and lots more!
  • Small world: Children can play with a selection of small world sets and expand their imagination and play alongside or with their friends.
  • Construction: Children can build trucks, helicopters etc with the mobilo, build the tallest tower or a house with the duplo.
  • Quiet area: Children can come to sit and look or listen to a selection of brightly coloured and illustrated stories, whilst resting somewhere comfortable and cosy.
  • Computer: Children have access to ICT equipment and can play on a selection of age appropriate learning games that develop maths, English but also teaching them to use the computer functions independently.
  • Mark Making: Children can express themselves through their early writing, learning to recognise their name and letters. Attempting the first stages of writing is learning about making marks for a reason.
  • Painting: Children are able to express themselves creatively on a large or small scale, putting their ideas, feelings and favourite things into a picture. Children can also explore with materials learning that we paint even without a paintbrush!

Children are introduced to try new things in a fun and relaxed way ensuring that learning really does take place. During all this fun and excitement we will also have time to have outdoor play!